Two injured in San Fermin bull run

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Two injured in San Fermin bull run

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Two young men have been injured on the first full day of the San Fermin bull-running festival in Pamplona.

The annual event in the Basque region of Spain got underway yesterday but this morning saw the first bull run.

An 18 year old Australian from Melbourne and a 20 year old Spaniard from Zaragoza were taken to hospital with slight injuries.

Other tourists, among them Aaron from the US, described the experience as the bulls were released to chase the runners down a narrow street.

“I started right at the start cage where they are let out and started running with the first wave,” he said. “I was running between the bulls. Urging them along, trying to stay alive.”

The famous run attracts thrill-seekers from around the world. One local runner complained that it was made harder by many tourists who did not know what they were doing. For many revellers the festival was simply one big party.

“I’ve seen a lot of chaos and probably the funniest party of my life,” said Eva, a Canadian tourist.

Another tourist called Tom – apparently drenched in either water, alcohol or sweat – jumped up and down. “You know that this is huge. This is… a drinking party. Excitement!” he exclaimed, vaguely coherently.

Today’s scenes show that the San Fermin fiesta has come a long way since its religious origins in the 13th century.