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Interpol appeal


Interpol appeal

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Interpol, the International police agency which is based in Lyon, France, has launched a public appeal for sightings of 26 wanted criminals.

The appeal is part of an operation called Infra-Red which aims to track down 450 particularly dangerous people. However, Interpol can’t find any trace of the 26 suspects, who are wanted for crimes including murder, human trafficking, and child sex abuse.

Said Martin Cox, Interpol appeal coordinator: “We have already located and arrested nearly 110 of these fugitives. We know where many more, or we think that we know where many more still are, but what we are doing at the moment is we are asking for the public’s help in these more serious cases that we have no leads on and we need the public to help us.”

This is the first time that Interpol has launched a request for information on such a large number of suspects. And they are particularly hoping that internet users will be able to help, by tracking down wanted criminals on social networking sites such as Facebook.

Martin Cox: “There could be any one of a number of reasons why these people have evaded justice. It could be the fact that they’re actually travelling across borders, using their different languages – many of them speak different languages. They are using the fact that they can move across countries and away from their national jurisdiction, which makes it more difficult for people to find them.”

The appeal includes biographical details as well as identifying features such as tattoos, languages spoken, facial hair preferences, travel details, fingerprints, and photographs.

Many of these criminals have been on the run for years.

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