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EU Commission may take over oil industry oversight

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EU Commission may take over oil industry oversight


The Deepwater oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has sent a ripple effect across the Atlantic, where the European Union Energy Commissioner Günter Oettinger has called for a moratorium on deep water drilling in EU waters.

To avoid scenes like those fouling the beaches in Alabama, Mississippi and Florida he says he wants the causes of the Deepwater explosion fully investigated before any new drilling permits are allocated.

Oettinger told the European parliament he would be asking for oversight of the oil industry to pass to the Commission from member states.

Previously it was thought deep European waters did not present the same sorts of extreme risks as found in the Gulf of Mexico.

Oettinger will hold two meetings with 18 oil companies in Brussels on July 14th. to discuss current safety technology and observance of EU regulations. An extension of responsibilities for the EU’s Martime Security Agency based in Lisbon could also be on the cards.

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