UK royals tighten belts

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UK royals tighten belts

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Conscious that her subjects are having a hard time of it economically, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth released new accounts showing she too is cutting back.

That came as the Queen herself was on a visit to Canada paid for by the Canadian government.

Royal spending has fallen to the equivalent of 46 million euros, down from 50 million euros in the previous financial year.

Mostly that was because the 84-year-old monarch took fewer overseas trips.

The royal household gets 9.5 million euros of public money each year.

The man in charge of the royal finances said they are “acutely aware of the difficult economic climate” and action taken included a hiring freeze.

A study by the Free University of Brussels found Britain to be Europe’s most expensive monarchy, costing six times that of the Spanish royal family.

The last Sunday Times annual rich list estimated Queen Elizabeth’s personal fortune at 350 million euros.