Spain to press Cuba on political prisoners

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Spain to press Cuba on political prisoners

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Spain’s foreign minister has said he plans to put pressure on Cuba to free hundreds of political prisoners.

Madrid’s top diplomat Miguel Angel Moratinos arrives in Havana as the condition of Guillermo Farinas worsens.

Authorities say the prisoner, who has been on hunger strike since February, is near to death because of a blood clot in his neck.

Speaking to euronews, the spokeperson for Farinas, Licet Zamora, said:

‘‘He agreed that if 10 to 15 of the sickest prisoners were freed on medical grounds and then the government came to a compromise with the church to gradually continue freeing the rest of the prisoners on the list, under these conditions, he would stop the hunger strike. But after that nothing, no answer, just silence, nobody said anything. And it is the silence that kills. Guillermo is going to die. I think now with the visit of Moratinos that something will happen. We have an opportunity, but we had a certain amount of hope with other visits and nothing happened. We are hoping that Moratinos can do something.’‘

Reports suggest Havana may be ready to release 200 prisoners.

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