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Poland political climax due in 2011 - analysts

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Poland political climax due in 2011 - analysts


Poland’s presidential election has moved the country along in some ways but it has not closed certain divisions. This leaves room for a showdown between the governing Civic Platform and the opposition Law and Justice party led by Jaroslav Kaczynski in 2011 parliamentary elections.

Zenon Lupiny at the Polish Cultural Centre in Brussels is disatisfied with his country’s new head of state.

Lupina said: “I believe that Komorowski is weaker. Europe isn’t doing very well together. Kaczynski could be harder. For the Poles, for Poland and even for Europe he could have been more productive.”

Jaroslaw Kaczinski will not give Civic Platform and its head, Prime Minister Donald Tusk, an easy ride, according to analyst Piotr Kaczynski, who nevertheless sees progress being made.

Kaczynski, with the Centre for European Policy Studies, said: “The election of Bronislaw Komorowski brings a very consistent governance structure to Poland, very pro-European, so it is an occasion that confirms the trend over the past couple years.”

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