Euronews talks to dying dissident's mother

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Euronews talks to dying dissident's mother

Euronews talks to dying dissident's mother
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Euronews interviewed Guillermo Farinas’s mother Alicia Hernandez at the hospital where the ailing dissident’s condition is being constantly monitored.

Alicia Hernández: “He is critically ill and has suffered some complications. He has developed an infection and is undergoing treatment to ensure the blood clot does not break away which would certainly cause his death. He has pains in all his joints, severe migraines and bladder problems.”

euronews: What needs to be done for your son to step back and stop the hunger strike?

Alicia Hernández: “Well, what he has proposed.”

euronews: The release of the 26 prisoners who are sick?

Alicia Hernández: “Exactly.”

euronews: And when you talk with him, do you believe that your son is determined to go through with it?

Alicia Hernández: “No, not when I talk with him, but he has already declared what he is going to do.”

euronews: Has anyone contacted you to find out if your son could call off his hunger strike?

Alicia Hernández: “No-one.”

euronews: Neither from Cuba or from abroad?

Alicia Hernández: “Recently?”

euronews: Yes

Alicia Hernández: “No, only the doctors in the room who are looking after him.”

euronews: And tell me, we read in the press that your son has sent a letter to the prisoner Guillermo del Sol Perez for him to take over if the worst happens. Is that true?

Alicia Hernández:“I do not think so. I cannot answer that question because I am not aware of this other situation. My job here is as a mother, I am giving spiritual support and caring for my son.”

euronews: Thank you madame Alicia Hernandez.

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