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Spy suspects get their day in court

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Spy suspects get their day in court


Anna Chapman, or Anya Kushchenko is the most prominent of the 10 suspected Russian spies arrested in America who go before a judge today to find out what charges they face.

Kushchenko is from a diplomatic family but seems to have been more involved in business in both London and New York in her short life rather than cloak and dagger skulduggery, and for the moment she seems to be the only confirmed Russian national involved.

One more piece of the jigsaw has gone missing. Christopher Metsos, arrested by Cypriot police and freed on bail, has disappeared from his Larnaca hotel, leaving only a pair of slippers behind. He is accused of being the go-between and paymaster of the alleged spy ring. He missed a scheduled appointment with his lawyer, and it is unknown how he slipped his police surveillance, or even if he has already left the island.

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