Netanyahu's prisoner swap offer

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Netanyahu's prisoner swap offer

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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he will release 1,000 Palestinian prisioners if Hamas frees an Israeli soldier taken hostage four years ago

The Islamic miltants snatched Gilad Shalit in the Gaza Strip in 2006

As protesters marched on Jerusalem to call for the government to act, Netanyahu said he was willing to negotiate.

The Israeli premier told reporters he had said the offer to release the prisoners was “the price he was prepared to pay” to bring Shalit home.

Hamas responded defiantly to Netanyanhu’s claims that they were holding up the deal.

This spokesman said the Israeli prime minister was under severe pressure from the public to make a trade and was looking to blame Hamas for the failure to strike an agreement before now.

23-year-old Gilad Shilat, who also has French citizenship, was taken hostage on 25th June, 2006.

When this video was released in October last year, Israel freed 19 Palestinian female prisoners in return.

It was the first time Israel had freed Palestinians as part of negotiations during the four-year saga.