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Moscow in grip of heat wave


Moscow in grip of heat wave

Muscovites are searching for any way possible to cool down, as their city swelters in the grip of a heatwave.

The mercury has topped 30 degrees Celsius for most of the week. Friday’s temperature was a record 33.1 degrees.

Russian weather forecasters say, not since 1981, has it been this hot for this long in June.

And it’s not just the people who are struggling in the scorching conditions. One driver said if he doesn’t prop open the hood of his car, the engine overheats and it breaks down.

City Hall is sending out trucks to water the streets. The heat is melting the tarmac in some places and people’s shoes are getting stuck.

There is some relief expected by late Sunday night.

An approaching weather front should bring rain showers and cooler conditions to the sizzling Russian capital.