G20 meet in Toronto

Managing the recovery of the fragile global economy is top of the agenda at the G20 summit in Toronto, a day after the G8. More members means it is


Violence in Toronto as G20 meet

Police say around 500 people have been arrested after an anti-G20 march in downtown Toronto ended in rioting. Police cars were set on fire in at


Moscow in grip of heat wave

Muscovites are searching for any way possible to cool down, as their city swelters in the grip of a heatwave. The mercury has topped 30 degrees

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Mideast Speed Sisters

A group of Palestinian women have sped into their country’s record books by forming its first all-female motor racing team.


Start of the G20 summit

World leaders have started the two-day G20 summit in Toronto, Canada, following on from the earlier meeting of the G8 nations. The group


Polls open in Kyrgyzstan

Polls have opened in Kyrgyzstan for a referendum on the country’s constitution. A yes outcome would devolve power from the president to the prime