Man arrested over explosive find ahead of G8

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Man arrested over explosive find ahead of G8

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Canadian police have charged a man with possession of explosives as security remains tight for today’s G8 summit in Ontario.

The 37-year-old man will remain in custody until the weekend after appearing in court on Wednesday.

There is also a massive police presence in Toronto where the G20 meeting will follow.

Huge protests are expected as there has been heavy criticism of the 800-million euro cost of staging the summits.

Toronto Police Constable Rob McDonald said: “The concerns, I am sure, are the concerns any host nation has with the G8 and the G20. It is just protection of its citizens, protection of our guests to the country and, if people want to protest, that it is done fairly and safely.”

The G20 summit has also been subjected to threats, adding to the disruption in the city, which many people feel is justified.

“It is pretty overwhelming, a pretty large security presence out there, but I think it is needed, considering what is going to be occurring over the weekend,” said Toronto resident Seymour Powell.

More than 5,000 police are on hand to help ensure the summit passes off peacefully and prevent demonstrations from spilling over into homes and businesses.