Martha Argerich uncovered

One of classical music’s most enigmatic musicians, the pianist, Martha Argerich, sheds her mask in a rare interview with Euronews. The music


'Carbon future: 'peak oil?'

In the past few years, petrol price increases have so angered consumers, such as truckers and fishermen, that they blockaded petroleum refineries —


EU-US Open Skies expansion

The EU-US open skies accord, act II. Two years after the entry into force of a first deal, Europe and the United States have agreed on further steps


Russia Belarus gas dispute over

Fears of gas supply cuts to Europe from Russia have been eased after Moscow resumed the flow of gas to Belarus. It had been reduced because Russia


Troops back new appointment

There’s been more reaction to the departure of the coalition forces commander in Afghanistan. General Stanley McChrystal is being replaced by


Spain shocked by train crash

Spain is in shock after a high-speed train killed 12 people crossing railway tracks on what was meant to be a night of celebration. At least 14


GM 'shares on sales soon'

General Motors is reportedly about to move forward as early as next week with a public offering of shares that could raise 16 billion euros and which

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Philippines feast

Residents of San Juan, a suburb of Manila, celebrated on Thursday the feast day of the town’s patron saint by dousing each other with water.

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San Juan festival in Spain

The Saint John (San Juan) festival has begun in Menorca, with a traditional display of rearing Menorcan horses in the main square of the town of

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Floods in China

Rescue boats ploughed through flooded Fuzhou city’s streets on Wednesday (June 23) as a flood-battered dyke in southern China suffered a fresh breach