McDonald's tempting toys targeted

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McDonald's tempting toys targeted

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McDonald’s marketing to children is under attack from a US consumer group.

The world’s biggest burger chain has been warned it faces a law suit unless it stops promoting its fast food with toys.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest said tempting kids with the toys that are included with so-called Happy Meals is unfair and deceptive.

The group said it had asked McDonald’s to only include toys with its healthier meals but with no success.

CSPI’s executive director Michael Jacobson said: “McDonald’s Happy Meals website says, quote: ‘You want the very best for your kids and so do we.’ That’s McNonesense. McDonald’s wants your money. And they’re going to go around your back, try to use your kids to manipulate you to go into the restaurant, to get your money.”

McDonald’s called the group’s charges a “misrepresentation” of its effort to sell healthier food and safe toys.

But with obesity levels rising fast in the US, one area of California, Santa Clara, recently passed a law banning restaurants from giving away free toys and other incentives with unhealthy kids’ meals.

The legislation, which goes into effect in August, sets basic nutritional standards for children’s meals and allows restaurants to give away toys only with meals that meet national nutritional criteria for youngsters.