Karate Kid remake gets new punch

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Karate Kid remake gets new punch

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The modern remake of the Karate Kid chronicles the life of a youngster who moves to China with his family and outwits the neighbourhood bullies by learning martial arts.

He is played by Jaden Smith, the son of actor Will:

“I think that he (Jackie Chan) is a good mentor for me. Him and my dad have a lot of great qualities you know. They are nice, they treat people well. They make great movies. They want to be directors and producers. They have great hair. You know these are things that you need.”

The remake pays homage to the original in several scenes.

But the movie has faced allegations of cultural ignorance, with critics claiming there is a lack of distinction between Japanese and Chinese cultures.

Cultural criticisms notwithstanding, the move has done well at the box office.

It took 55 million dollars in the US in its first week alone and is due out in Europe in July.

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