China's flood misery worsens

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China's flood misery worsens

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A battered dyke in China has suffered a fresh breach, sending flood water crashing down on an area where more than 200 lives have already been lost in the last week.

Some 100,000 people had already been forced to flee their homes following an earlier break in the wall of the dyke near the town of Changkai in the Jiangxi province.

As well as those confirmed dead,scores of people are missing amid bursting river banks and landslides.

And 1.6 million hectares of farmland are under water indicating the effects of this disaster may be long-lasting.

“At around 1 am the water levels started to rise here and they rose pretty quickly,” explained one man. “Almost 60 centimetres. The water was coming from the dyke that was breached.”

One woman was reluctant to evacuate. “At first we didn’t want to but they said there would be heavy rains for the next few days so we decided to bring the children here,” she said.

Local rescuers say they have now been given extra boats to try to reach the stranded.

Soldiers, civil militia and police are concentrating their efforts in towns like Changkai on reaching pregnant women, children and the elderly.