41st Basel Art Fair

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41st Basel Art Fair

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The international art world is having its annual summer reunion in Switzerland.

This is the 41st time the city of Basel, a cultural capital for centuries, has hosted the get-together, one of the World’s premier art exhibitions.

Work by two and a half thousand artists from 300 galleries in 37 countries is on show, selected by an international jury:

“We are looking forward to an excellent year, due to the fact that we again have many galleries that have been at Art Basel in the past. For us, this is a good sign for a successful year. After a certain low we can now say that contemporary art is finding its buyers again. Actually it is an optimal time for young collectors to start collecting.” said Director Annette Schonholzer.

The event showcases every form of artistic expression from painting and sculpture to installation and video art. Work by emerging artists stands alongside museum-quality masterpieces priced in the millions.

Sotheby’s shows Polaroids. For the first time in its history, Sotheby’s in New York is auctioning a collection based around a technology and not an artist or theme. More than a thousand polaroid pictures of the rich and famous are up for grabs.

“Warhol, like so many people, became a Polaroid nut in many ways. He loved the big shot camera. We’ve been told that he would travel with as many as he could carry and he was always snapping pictures. He would invite people into his studio in New York, put them against a black white wall and shoot them with a Polaroid camera.” said Director Denise Bethel.

The proceeds of the sale will go towards paying the debts of the Polaroid company, which has gone bankrupt twice.