U.S. President wades in deep water in the Deep South

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U.S. President wades in deep water in the Deep South

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Barack Obama has visited clean-up crews at a control centre in Alabama during his latest trip to the stricken Gulf of Mexico.

It comes amid growing pressure on the US President over his response to the oil slick crisis, now entering its ninth week.

Obama promised things would get better:

“There is going to be a harmful effect on many local businesses and it’s going to be painful for a lot for folks. Folks are going to be frustrated and some folks are going to be angry but I promise you this: that things are going to return to normal.”

Millions of litres of crude are still pouring into the sea after a BP-leased rig ruptured in April and the White House is stepping up efforts to show Obama is doing all he can.

He has described the leak as the “environmental 9-11”

The growing scale of the disaster has prompted the President to make his first-ever Oval Office televised address on Tuesday evening.

He will also meet BP executives face-to-face at the White House.