Kyrgyz government accuses ousted president

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Kyrgyz government accuses ousted president

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With deadly violence gripping Kyrgyzstan, its interim government has been quick to place the blame at the door of ousted president Kurmanbek Bakiyev.

The country’s deputy interior minister, Almazbek Otumbayev, said: ‘‘From now on we’re expecting provocation of this kind in the regions of Tchiousk and Bishkek and we are prepared.’‘

The former leader has denied the accusations and yesterday called for troops from ex-soviet states to be sent into Kyrgyzstan to quell the ethnic conflict.

‘‘We are facing serious problems with security. I said when Bishkek was burning that it was necessary to send in CSTO troops,’‘ Kurmankek Bakiyev said

The latest war of words also came as one of Bakiyev’s sons was arrested in Britain on corruption charges.

Many in Bishkek welcomed the news.

‘‘I think it is right that Maxime Bakiyev has been arrested and that he is sent back to answer for his actions,’‘ one woman said.

Much of the anger that resulted in April’s lethal unrest stemmed from allegations of corruption, in particular, that the ousted president’s family grew rich and powerful under his rule.