Swiss businessman allowed to leave Libya

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Swiss businessman allowed to leave Libya

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The Swiss businessman Max Goeldi has returned home from Libya after being held in the country for two years.

His release ends a long running row between Tripoli and Berne which began in 2008 when the Swiss arrested the son and daughter-in law of Libya’s leader.

The two were accused of beating their servants in a Geneva hotel.

Amid the diplomatic fallout, Max Goeldi was one of two Swiss citizens convicted of violating residency laws in Libya.

The foreign ministers of both Spain, which holds the European Union’s rotating presidency, and Switzerland have since been engaged in diplomatic efforts to secure Goeldi’s freedom.

It’s reported Switzerland has paid over a million euros in compensation to Hannibal el Kadhafi and his wife.

Libya’s retaliation also included cutting off oil supplies to Switzerland and banning EU visitors.

Switzerland’s Micheline Calmy-Ray has confirmed that normal relations between their two countries will be restored immediately.