Moscow considers humanitarian aid for Kyrgystan

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Moscow considers humanitarian aid for Kyrgystan

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Smoke is rising over Osh – evidence, so ethnic Uzbeks say, that they are being burned out of their homes.

The worst ethnic clashes for two decades have engulfed southern Kyrgystan, killing at least 117.

The Uzbek minority says gangs of Krygyz are besieging theır neighbourhoods and shooting them as they flee.

The interim government has sent an armed force from the capital, Bishkek, to try and contain the violence. The soldiers have been given the authority to shoot-to-kill.

Representative of both communities met on Sunday to discuss ways of ending the violence.
Symbolically, they shared a loaf of bread – a sign of friendship in Krygystan.

Kyrgystan’s ınterim government has only limited authority in the south, a remote stronghold of the country’s ousted president Kurmanbek Bakiyev, who is in exile in Belarus and has denied any involvement in the current disorder.

At least 1500 people have been injured, but that number could be much greater. The most serious cases have been flown to Moscow for medical treatment.

The Kremlin says ıt will dıscuss possible humanitarian assıstance with a Moscow-led security bloc of former Soviet republics meeting today.