Germany and Israel in tug of war over Dubai suspect

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Germany and Israel in tug of war over Dubai suspect

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Both Israel and Germany are fighting to get their hands on a suspected Mossad agent arrested in Poland.

The man in question, named in the media as Uri Brodsky, is wanted by Germany in connection with a fake German passport used in a hit-squad killing of a senior Hamas leader in Dubai in January.

Israel is keen to have him repatriated back to Israel.

One Israeli minister said that much of what’s being said about the assassination is down to overactive imaginations in the Middle East, and that the state of Israel knows how to handle the arrest of an Israeli citizen.

Hamas member Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was found dead in his hotel room in Dubai. Local police accuse agents of Mossad, Israel’s secret service, of carrying out the killing. Their alleged use of fake foreign passports infuriated the governments concerned, including Germany.

Yossi Melman, an intelligence analyst for Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, says Mossad now finds itself under new levels of international pressure.

“If even friendly governments (to Israel) no longer defend Israel vis-à-vis its policy, or lack of policy, regarding the peace talks, the Palestinians, the peace talks with Syria, the siege of Gaza, the blockade of Gaza, then even Mossad is affected and cannot get away with what it has got away with in the past.”

Poland arrested Brodski after Germany issued an arrest warrant for him. Now Poland must decide whether to hand him over to German police or send him back to Israel.