BP 'should do more' to stop oil leak

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BP 'should do more' to stop oil leak

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BP has been told that its plans to contain the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico don’t go far enough. A top US Coast Guard official has given the company until Monday to improve its plan to contain the leak.

The warning from Rear Admiral James Watson follows data from US government scientists suggesting that the flow of oil could be double previous estimates.

The British and American leaders have spoken by phone and have tried to sooth fears that relations are being damaged by the crisis.

President Obama said his criticism of BP was not anti-British and had nothing to do with national identity.

According to David Cameron’s office the US President said BP was a multinational company and he did not’t want to undermine its value.

Out in the Gulf, BP has been using skimming boats to drag oil into specified areas before burning it in patches of up to 16 square kilometres.

Last week it said its containment cap was collecting about 15 thousand barrels a day, three times as much as its original estimate for how much was leaking.

The warning from a senior US official to step up its operation will add to the pressure on BP. Its chairman has been asked to meet President Obama on Wednesday.