Arab League chief visits Gaza

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Arab League chief visits Gaza

Arab League chief visits Gaza
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The Arab world’s top diplomat, Amr Moussa, has visited the Gaza Strip for the first time since Hamas took control of the Palestinian territory in 2007.

The Arab League chief crossed over the newly-reopened Egyptian border to meet with Palestinian refugees and Hamas officials.

He stressed the 22-member group’s opposition to the blockade, describing it as a “siege on Gaza” and urged Israel to end the three-year-old sanctions.

In an interview with Euronews, Hamas leader
Ismail Haniyah said Gaza should have access to the sea by right.

“We demand a maritime corridor to the Mediterranean and we do not reject the presence of European monitors in the international or regional
waters,” he said.

“We are also not against the return of Europeans to the Rafah crossing but we reject any Israeli presence there.”

As part of the border blockade, Israel only allows types of foods and medicines through, while barring raw materials, including construction supplies.

Virtually all exports are banned, crippling the Gazan economy.