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A new exhibition has opened in Brussels, Belgium. “GEO-Graphics – A Map of Art Practices in Africa Past and Present” showcases African artworks from all eras from the 16th to the 20th centuries. There are also 8 contributions from contemporary art centres in Africa.

The exhibition is part of the Visionary Africa Festival which marks Belgium taking the rotating presidency of the EU.

17 African countries are celebrating 50 years of independence this year, which was another reason for the fine arts museum of Brussels, BOZAR, and the Royal Museum for Central Africa to organise the festival, which also includes concerts, and performances.

The exhibition’s artistic director is David Adjaye: “I think to a show here at the Bozar, which is in Brussels in the centre of Europe – well it seems like an opportune moment for Brussels to celebrate its relationship with the Continent through the Congo, and the Congo collection, that is out at Tervuren, but also a kind of re-frame its identity with the Continent in terms of becoming one, that is about forming a partnership, rather than the one that was a former colonial realationship.”

The Curator of the exhibition is Koyo Kough: “It’s a time for really young and engaged and dedicated African professionals, be they in the arts or in the economy or in other sectors, to show how we can live together and how we can hold all this wealth we have and tradition and history we have together to make it a powerful proposal. I mean social proposal. That’s what this work is basically about. So these works are iconographic, they are celebrating those inspiring leaders of Africa”.

GEO-Graphics runs until 26th June

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