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The H.O.S.T.

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The H.O.S.T. are a rock band from Marseille in the south of France. (It’s an anacronym of Hidden Obscene Sons of Twilight.)

The band spoke to Euronews:

“The HOST is a rock trio from Marseille which was formed in 2004 with Thomas (Campion) on drums, Julian (Arniaud) lead vocals and guitar, and me (Vincent Fraschina) on bass. Our influences range from Led Zeppelin to Queens of The Stone Age. It’s Anglo-Saxon rock and you can hear that in our songs because they’re all in English.

“In Marseille we have a musical identity which is more towards world music, reggae and jazz but that doesn’t stop rock and roll existing here too. We were invited by Ian Broudie to re-record one of our tracks in London. So now our track “Hey You” is on a compilation which will be on sale in the UK, France, everywhere really.

“Marseille has a very diverse population, where cultures are mixed up together, and music too. Ours, and other people’s. It’s a symbolic European city in the sense that it’s a southern port city so there’s this natural mix of cultures and this city deserves recognition. Marseille is so often overlooked but it has this great quality of welcoming people from all over the world.”

The HOST’s new album, “Love Birth and Disillusion”
is out now.

For more information see their website

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