UBS tax deal delayed

The lower house of the Swiss parliament has rejected a deal for UBS to hand over details of nearly four and half thousand of its clients to US tax


The A-Team

The A-Team is back and seemingly with the same ludicrous grasp of reality and awsome coolness that made the original TV series so


The H.O.S.T.

The H.O.S.T. are a rock band from Marseille in the south of France. (It’s an anacronym of Hidden Obscene Sons of Twilight.) The band spoke to


Estonia to adopt euro in 2011

Estonia is set to become the first Baltic country to join the eurozone. Despite the crisis affecting the bloc, EU finance ministers meeting in


World Cup focus on security

With the football World Cup only days away, police in South Africa are under huge pressure to show that they are in control of crime in their


Managing migration flows

The Centre for Migration Information and Management, CIGEM, was set up in Bamako, Mali, 18 months ago, to help with migration from African countries