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Test Sites - Anthony Gormley

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Anthony Gormley’s new show – Test Sites – has opened at the White Cube in London.

The exhibition continues Gormley’s exploration of how the human body relates to the world. His works include the much-loved Angel of the North, and last year’s One and Other project on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.

Anthony Gormley said: “People say what the Hell is this? There’s no label, there’s no pre-mediation of the work. But here, there’s another advantage – this display space is called White Cube, which means the context is extremely abstract. It’s a neutral zone. We might begin to become more aware or hypersensitive in this space.”

He continued: “For me, the big shift in art is towards participation. These works are of no inscribed value. Their value comes from the way people interact with them and as such they are co-producers and that’s very important to me.”

Breathing Spaces III is also part of the show – the 15 inter-connecting light grids invite exploration.

Test Sites runs until 10th July.

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