Calls grow for Israeli blockade to be lifted

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Calls grow for Israeli blockade to be lifted

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The Arab League is ask the United Nations that the Security Council calls on Israel to lift its blockade of Gaza.

The 22-member body of Arab foreign ministers meeting in Cairo also urged all nations to ignore the blockade and to send aid to break what they described as a “siege”.

Reaching a strongly unified position over the Palestinian question is normally fraught with difficulties as Egypt and Jordan have signed peace deals with Israel.

Monday’s deadly raid on the humanitarian aid ship dominated talks between the Palestinian president with US Middle East envoy George Mitchell.

During a two-hour meeting, Mahmoud Abbas echoed calls for the end to the Israeli blockade.

Supplies are now entering Gaza after Egypt opened its Rafah border crossing with the Palestinian territory.

Despite Egypt being caught between its relations with Israel and the anger of other Arab nations, the Egyptian government says Rafah will stay open indefinitely.

However only people with medical emergencies and deliveries of humanitarian aid will be allowed to pass.