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  • Fitch cuts BP’s rating

    The international ratings agency Fitch has cut BP’s rating from AA+ to AA because of higher risks… 03/06/10 19:19 CET


  • Investing in a changing world

    There is no time to relax for European businesses as changes in the world economic game bring new… 03/06/10 19:37 CET

  • G20 stimulus consensus unlikely

    As finance ministers and central bankers from the G20 countries hold meetings in the South Korean… 03/06/10 19:37 CET

  • Euro zone services expand

    Despite growing worries of euro zone countries’ finances, the region’s dominant services sector… 03/06/10 19:19 CET


  • Sea to plate: a cool route

    Dalvik, in the north of Iceland, is a fishing port which supplies fish to destinations all over… 03/06/10 08:59 CET


  • Israel and the Iranian threat

    Is Iran working on the nuclear bomb? In Israel, people are afraid it is. The Israelis are preparing… 03/06/10 15:35 CET

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