Angry Facebook users protest over released data

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Angry Facebook users protest over released data

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Outraged Facebook users have organised a “Quit Facebook Day” with nearly 25,000 members pledging to delete their accounts today.

Their anger has been aroused by revelations that personal data belonging to users has been made public and available to advertisers without their consent.

Joseph Dee who jointly organised the protest said of Facebook:

“We don’t value the way you do business. We don’t think that you’re an ethical company and we have a choice of where we choose to be and it’s not on that network”.

But computer analyst, John Abel did not anticipate a huge exodus and even if people did want to leave, it might be harder to achieve than many people realise.

“ Pretty much every single networking, social sharing site that you can think of does not have an elegant clean way, to take all of your information when you leave, or can guarantee you, or does guarantee you that it will not remain there in some way shape or form.”

Confronted with this backlash, last week Facebook made changes to its privacy settings to ensure individuals had more control over whom they share information with.

They will be hoping its enough to keep the majority of its 500 million users happy.