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No let-up in Jamaica's hunt for alleged drug lord

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No let-up in Jamaica's hunt for alleged drug lord


The shoot-outs are fewer in number now but Jamaica is pursuing its all-out offensive to capture
an alleged drug lord.

Security forces have claimed the streets in parts of the capital Kingston, where days of clashes with gunmen have left dozens of people dead. Residents are seeking safety behind closed doors.

The army is intent on tracking down Christopher “Dudus” Coke, sought by the US on cocaine trafficking and gun-running charges. But many inside the slums are equally determined to fight to defend a man seen by supporters as a Robin Hood figure who helps the impoverished.

Up to 60 people have died in gun battles that saw a state of emergency declared in parts of Kingston. Prime Minister Bruce Golding has vigorously rejected media reports linking him to the suspected drug baron.

Not only Coke’s supporters but unarmed bystanders have been caught up in the conflict. Jamaica already has one of the highest per capita murder rates in the world.

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