National strike in France over retirement age

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National strike in France over retirement age

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The streets of France have been filled with demonstrators, as workers protest at government plans to raise the age of retirement.

At 60, France has the youngest limit in Europe – and the government says it can no longer afford it.

The atmosphere here in Marseille is friendly and fun – but for many it’s a serious issue:

I think it makes sense to extend the limit, its inevitable if you ask me. When I’m 60, I will be in better health than my father was at the same age, even more so than my grandfather. But its important to make your voice heard.” said one protestor.

60 percent of the French are against the plan to extend the age limit, according to a newspaper poll.

“I’d like to stop at 60, because that’s enough! It’s the legal age to stop. By then, I’ll have paid my contributions for 40 years. But I’m going at 60, in two year’s time.”

The good news for travellers is that public transport and the trains have hardly been affected by the national stoppage this time around.

That is because transport workers are exempt from the proposed legislation, benefiting from employment conditions dating back to the start of the last century.