Czech feelings about the euro

To be or not to be in the monetary union? In these times of crisis, majority public opinion in the Czech Republic, well attached to its crown, is not


Apple bigger than Microsoft

In the battle of the big techs, Apple has overtaken Microsoft. Its shares rose on Wednesday as Microsoft’s fell making it the world’s biggest


Chinese news boosts euro

The euro rose in value on Thursday after China’s central bank said Europe remained a key investment market for the country’s foreign exchange

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Strike in France

More than 100,000 people demonstrate across France against plans by the centre-right government to extend the retirement age in a bid to shore up the


Hope over BP oil leak fix

BP has managed to stop the flow of oil that has been leaking into the Gulf of Mexico for the last five weeks, according to the US coastguard. It


Joint winners for Asturias prize

This year’s Asturias prize for Communication and Humanities has been awarded in Oviedo, northern Spain. It is the third of Crown Prince Felipe’s