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Uneasy calm hangs over Bangkok

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Uneasy calm hangs over Bangkok


Thailand’s Prime Minister has called for national reconciliation talks after a week of violence left more than 50 people dead.

But there has been no renewal of Abhisit Vejjajiva’s offer to stage fresh elections – the key demand of anti-government red-shirt protestors who rioted throughout the capital.

Calm has now been restored to the city with army troops on patrol and the prime minister has pleged to heal swiftly the country’s divisions.

“We will continue to move swiftly to restore normalcy and we recognise that as we move ahead the huge challenge ahead of us, particularly the challenge of overcoming the division that has occurred in this country,” he said.

A massive operation is now underway to clean-up the damage of the “red-shirt” protests.

Nine bodies are also reported to have been found among the charred debris of Central World, Southeast Asia’s second largest shopping mall – one of the protestors’ main campsites.

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