Polish flood death toll rises to nine

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Polish flood death toll rises to nine

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At least nine people are now known to have died in Poland in floods that have submerged large swathes of the country along the river Vistula.

A further three people are still missing. Some 23,000 Poles have had to be evacuated from their homes.

Southern Poland has borne the brunt of the floods which the Polish prime minister has described as “without precedent in the past 160 years.”

Some areas near the town of Sandomierz are under six or seven metres of water. The capital, Warsaw, has also been affected as the river starts to swell further north.

Parts of the former concentration camp at Auschwitz – now a museum – have been closed to visitors during the week and exhibits moved for fear of them being damaged.

The economic cost to Poland of the floods, which were caused by heavy rain, is thought to be around 2.5 billion euros. That is enough to trigger 100 million euros in aid from the European solidarity fund.