Fears grow in Bangkok as UN role ruled out

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Fears grow in Bangkok as UN role ruled out

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At least 35 people are now known to have been killed in Bangkok since months of protests took a violent turn for the worse on Thursday.

An estimated 5,000 “red-shirt” protestors are still barricading themselves inside a 3.5 square kilometre area of the Thai capital’s business district.

Their calls for new elections have been rejected by the government, as has their request for UN-sponsored negotiations to help end the conflict.

A Thai government spokesman said:

“We reject their demands for U.N. mediation or any other involvement in Thailand. No Thailand government has ever let anyone intervene with our internal affairs. We can solve our problems ourselves but we are willing to listen.”

Within the protest camp, women and children are being asked to take shelter in a Buddhist temple, where they should be out of harm’s way.

This red shirt said he would leave his children there for their safety before he returns to the streets.

The red shirts are mainly rural or urban poor, but residents of the battle zone who are not involved in the protests are fleeing, fearing a large military push and a bloody endgame to the stand-off.