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David Miliband kicks off leadership bid

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David Miliband kicks off leadership bid


Former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband has officially launched his campaign to become the next leader of the Labour party.

The 44-year-old described what he believed the party should stand for after losing power in the UK’s recent general election .

“I believe too in a market economy, I don’t want to live in a market society. There are values that markets cannnot nurture: values of compassion, love, care, solidarity and cooperation. Those are values that have to be made by people,” Miliband told an audience in South Shields, northeast England.

The race to replace Gordon Brown as Labour leader will be a family affair: Miliband’s younger brother Ed is also standing.

Ed Miliband served as minister for energy and climate change during Brown’s premiership and is seen as more to the left than his ardently Blairite older brother.

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