Violence continues to escalate in Bangkok

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Violence continues to escalate in Bangkok

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Anti-government protestors target the security forces with fireworks in the Thai capital, Bangkok, in escalating violence which has left at least five people dead.

The authorities have responded by firing live rounds, as well as rubber bullets and tear gas.

Protestors also torched a police bus in Bangkok’s main diplomatic thoroughfare.

Foreign embassies, including Britain’s, have closed as a precaution.

There are several flashpoint areas around the capital, and the emergency services are at full stretch trying to deal with the chaos.

The protestors want the Prime Minister to resign and call a fresh election. The violence worsened when a general backing the protests was shot and critically injured during a press conference.

Troops are also advancing on hundreds of demonstrators whose main base is in the famous Suan Lum market.

They, in response, have reinforced their bamboo barricades.