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The Nuits Sonores music festival

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The Nuits Sonores music festival

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The Nuits Sonores urban music festival in Lyon France was spread across some 50 venues in the city. The festival has been running since 2003 and continues for 4 days – and of course 4 nights.

But the programming isn’t restricted to electro. The festival director, Vincent Carry, said: “Our roots are electronic. We all come from that 90s electro, techno, rave culture but the festival is much more open than that. We also programme rock, hip hop, jazz, experimental music… We also have a programme of digital images and visual creation which is called “Image Sonore” and which includes all types of installations… that is mainly over at the Station Market.”

Last year the festival attracted more than 67,000 revellers and the organisers hope that this year there will be even more people at the party.

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