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Polish Fashion Week

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Polish Fashion Week

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Fashion Week in Lodz Poland attracted designers from Russia, Ukraine, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal as well as Poland.

The director of Polish Fashion Week, Jacek Klak, said: “For me, Polish fashion and Polish designers are well placed. In the past, the main problem they faced was the lack of a platform, a place to show off their work. That’s why they weren’t well-known in the world or even in the rest of Europe. Until now the Polish fashion market was very local. The aim of Polish Fashion Week is to create a place where professionals can present their work and get known by the media so that Polish fashion becomes more international.”

Polish designer, Ewa Kozieradzka, showed her “Comme Il Faut” collection. She told euronews: “I don’t think there is much difference, none in fact. Fashion is universal everywhere in the world. There are pret à porter collections, and fashion fairs which show the trends. The Polish are just more hungry for fashion, we spend more, we want more, we follow fashion more. We have to catch up with the others.”

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