Journalists wounded in Thailand riots

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Journalists wounded in Thailand riots

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It’s what members of the media are warned about.

Some journalists and camera crews in Bangkok have found that they have become the story rather than simply covering it.

At least three cameramen have been injured in the disturbances rocking the Thai capital.

Nelson Rand, a Canadian cameraman working for European channel France 24, is in a stable condition in hospital after being shot in the leg, stomach and hand.

A Thai photographer and cameraman have also been shot, but aren’t in a serious condition.

This latest violence was sparked by a sniper attack yesterday.

A renegade General who had gone over to the protestors was shot and critically injured while he gave an interview to journalists yesterday.

Japanese cameraman Hiro Muramoto was shot and killed when a street protest turned violent on April the 10th.

Since then, camera crews and reporters have been targeted by sporadic bullets and grenades.