Haiti protests call for President to quit

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Haiti protests call for President to quit

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Police in Haiti have broken up violent protests calling for the country’s President Rene Preval to step down.

There were ugly scenes in Port au Prince as some protesters tried to crash through barricades around the national palace.

Panic broke out when Security forces used tear gas and warning shots to disperse the crowd.

Around 1000 people came onto the streets of the capital. Many remain angry at the government’s response to last January’s catastrophic earthquake.

“This is a peaceful demonstration. We will not stop. We will protest as long as we can. We want to denounce what Preval is doing to us,” one woman said.

“This government is criminal. Preval is the biggest criminal in the world,” one man said.

The anti-government protesters were called after the President’s decision to stay in power beyond his term of office.

Haiti’s government has been strongly criticised for its response to the quake that killed between 200,000 and 300,000 people and many accuse Preval of selling the impoverished Caribbean country to foreign powers.