Hunt for new British government continues

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Hunt for new British government continues

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Britain’s three major party leaders appeared in public together on Saturday for Victory in Europe day commemorations.

But in private, intense negotiations continue over the formation of a new government.

Conservative David Cameron has offered Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg a power-sharing deal. They held direct talks for more than an hour.

But there are huge differences between the two, not least on electoral reform. Outside the Lib Dem HQ, a demonstration by around a thousand party activists urged Clegg not to compromise on his policy to introduce proportional representation.

Labour is offering a referendum on electoral reform to try to woo the Lib Dems.

“We lost our majority but the Conservatives didn’t win a majority and there’s still a very strong majority both in terms of seats and votes for progressive parties, and for people like me that’s a very exciting opportunity to change once and for all our discredited and unfair voting system,” said senior Labour Minister Ben Bradshaw

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has offered a referendum on electoral reform and phoned Clegg late on Saturday.

However, within his own Labour party the whispering campaign calling for his head is growing louder.