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Underwater funnel lowered over oil spill


Underwater funnel lowered over oil spill

Oil continues to flow into the Gulf of Mexico after the explosion two weeks ago. However, the usual black spots seen after this kind of disaster, have been replaced by orange ones due to planes spraying dispersing chemicals on the oil.

The best hope of stopping the leak, which could be up to 25,000 barrels a day, is the funnel device, being lowered into place by undersea robots. The 98 ton structure is going onto the seabed almost a mile beneath the surface. BP, who are responsible for the operation, have never tried this method before at such a great depth.

Mary Landry, US Coast Guard Rear Admiral, said: “This is not the final solution on securing the source, the final solution absolutely is cementing and closing off this well. I also have to manage expectations because this is the first time this has been tried in this depth of water and there’s lots of firsts we are seeing here.”

Booms are still being used to limit the damage to coastlines. This leak may be worse than the massive Exxon Valdez spill in 1989, when a tanker emptied 11 million gallons of oil into the sea near Alaska.