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Troubled times ahead after UK vote

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Troubled times ahead after UK vote


The inconclusive outcome of Britain’s general election is likely to make for troubled times ahead according to Euronews special correspondant in London, Keith Graves.

“Normally, by lunchtime, on the day after British general election, the public knows who the next Prime Minister is going to be, but not this time,” he said.

“Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, is refusing to move out. He and his (Labour) party were humiliated by the electorate but he says he has a duty at this difficult time for the country, to stay on even though he can’t form a government without a lot of other parties who show no inclination to help him.

“David Cameron (Conservative) is desperate to get into Downing Street. He’s already said he would do all sorts of deals, make all sorts of compromises, break all sorts of promises he made during the electoral campaign, to try to woo other parties to help him to get into Downing Street. And he really wants to woo Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat).

“It may be that we won’t know until after the week-end who will be the next Prime Minister. And this is at a time when politicians, businessemen, bankers, all agree that it is very important that we have a stable government here in Britain, that there is very, very quick action to try to help the economy. And so, there is a period of enormous instability, just when the country doesn’t need it.

“One thing that is almost certain: whoever forms the next government, it won’t be very stable, it won’t be very secure, and we may have to go through all this again in the next few months, certainly some time next year.”

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