Demonstrators call on Clegg to stay firm

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Demonstrators call on Clegg to stay firm

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Around a 1000 demonstrators have gathered outside Liberal Democrat headquarters to call for Nick Clegg not to back down on demands for the reform of Britain’s electoral system.

Singer Billy Bragg was among those putting pressure on Clegg to insist on the introduction of proportional representation as a condition for any coalition deal.

“We believe that this hung parliament is an opportunity to bring in genuine electoral reform so that the next election is done under a much fairer voting system. And the Liberal Democrats if they do a deal with the Tories they will not be able to deliver that electoral reform. So it’s very very important that they take this oportunity now to ensure that we get proportional representation in the next election. It’s not Britain that is broken, it’s our electoral system. That’s what we’ve seen in last 48 hours.”

The Conservatives, though, are strongly opposed to any change in the country’s constituency-based first past the post system, which has traditionally favoured Britain’s two major parties.