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UK election: How could affect ties with Europe?

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UK election: How could affect ties with Europe?


It is almost two decades since the landscape of British politics looked so uncertain.

The latest polls give only inkling of final outcome. But how could the result alter Britain’s ties with Brussels? Our special correspondent in London, Keith Graves, said.

‘‘This election is being fought largely on domestic issues but whoever forms the next government is going to have put their minds very quickly to their relationship with Europe. Especially, in the light of the EU Commissions comments on the eve of the election that unless Britain takes drastic action to handle its mounting debt, this country’s finances by the end of the year will be in a worse state than any other major European nation and they included Greece in that list. But there are other problems in the relationship with Europe for any new Government. For example, if there’s a coalition between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, they differ sharply in their approach to immigration, to European defence and sovereignty issues, and if Mr Cameron of the Conservatives, as seems likely, is the next Prime Minister, either alone or in a coalition government. He wants to wrest back from Brussels more control over Britain’s affairs, especially on immigration and law and order, and he would introduce to parliament a sovereignty bill to do that. That would not go down well with Brussels, and so there are problems ahead.’‘

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