Party leaders tour UK in final push for votes

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Party leaders tour UK in final push for votes

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Britain’s main party leaders are touring the country in a final effort to win votes. It is the last day of campaigning in the general election and most polls predict David Cameron will be the winner.

But with the margin of victory anyone’s guess, the Conservative Party leader has been working non-stop overnight to convince wavering voters.

“I had to fly through a volcanic ash cloud but I wasn’t going to miss it for the world!” Cameron told Tory supporters in Northern Ireland.

Cleggmania that has swept much of Britain may come to an abrupt end on Friday if the Liberal Democrats fail to convert their success in the polls to success at the ballot box.

The party could end up with more votes than Labour but remain Britain’s third largest force because of the first past the post system; an area Clegg feels is ripe for reform.

“I think electoral reform is a first step which any government, of whatever composition, needs to introduce to start restoring public trust in the political system,” said Clegg.

Gordon Brown, may not have helped his chances yesterday by hinting that he could step down if Labour fails to win a fourth successive election.

But with the contest too close to call, he is urging people to keep faith with Labour: “Vote for kind of country you believe in and come home to Labour,” he told supporters at a rally.

With the result uncertain, a high turnout is expected to turn the contest into a three-way fight.