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New ash risk closes N-Ireland airspace

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New ash risk closes N-Ireland airspace


Airspace over Scotland and Northern Ireland is closed this morning due once again to volcanic ash.

It follows the cancellation of hundreds of flights yesterday after airports in the Irish Republic, Northern Ireland and outlying parts of Scotland were temporarily closed for the same reason.

Airports in the north west of England and north Wales have been warned they too could be affected later today as the cloud moves south.

The ash is emanating from the same Icelandic volcano that disrupted European airspace for six days last month.

Eurocontrol’s Brian Flynn expressed optimism: “This time the volcano is much less active. The eruption is only about 10-15 thousand feet (3048 to 4572 metres). The amount of ash being put out is much less. In addition, the coordination mechanisms that have been put into place throughout Europe during the last crisis and over the last few days means that we are in a much better position.”

This latest disruption comes after European Union transport ministers agreed to set safety limits for flying through ash filled clouds and plans to unite the EU’s 27 national airspaces into nine blocks to help coordinate air traffic.

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